2012 Election

Extra Fizz: Frame Takes Donation from Guy Who Overcharged Democrats $50K

By Erica C. Barnett September 19, 2012

A quick extra fizz before the 36th District Democrats make their endorsement vote in the state house race between Progressive Majority head (endorsed by all her former Democratic competitors except one) and Seattle Port Commissioner Gael Tarleton (recommended for endorsement by the 36th's executive board) tonight: Frame, who used to work for the state Democratic Party, has received $300 in contributions from Ryan Pendleton, her former boss at the Party, who---as Josh reported back in 2005---overcharged the Party by $50,000 for computer networking services through his company, Stack of Dimes.

As Josh reported at the time:
Stack of Dimes (a tiny company that Pennington cofounded) had “over-billed” the state party, as [then-state Democratic Party chair Paul] Berendt put it, by charging $60,000 for $10,000 worth of computer networking services. “I had not known at the time that he was affiliated with this company,” Berendt says. Stack of Dimes got paid with a series of checks, some signed by Pennington himself, according to a witness involved the investigation. Pennington was one of the privileged staffers that had the authority to sign checks.

Lisa MacLean, Frame's campaign consultant, says Frame went out for coffee with Pendleton and "he apologized for what he had done. ... She's not a grudge holder, and he apologized for what he had done."
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