Here’s a medical breakthrough you may not have seen coming: Prescriptions that are physicians. In August, Proteus Digital Health scored approval from the FDA for its ingestible sensor. No larger than a grain of sand, the device is inserted into a pill; it then records the dosage and makeup of the pill as well as the time it was swallowed. The battery-free “e-pill” uses stomach acid as its power source and emits a signal to a body patch, which then transfers the data to a smartphone app. From there, physicians and families can monitor whether or not a patient is keeping up with his or her daily regimen. Proteus got an assist from Stratos Product Development in Belltown, which developed the mobile app and wireless body patch. The patch—which looks like an upgraded Band-Aid—also keeps track of the wearer’s heart rate, body temperature, and level of activity, says Stratos president Sean MacLeod. “People want to be able to quantify their wellness on a daily basis or even an hourly basis.”

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