2012 Election

Two Confident Candidates in the 36th

By Erica C. Barnett August 7, 2012

PubliCola talked tonight to the campaign manager for 36th District State Representative candidate Noel Frame and to Frame's rival, Gael Tarleton, this evening. Tarleton is currently in the lead against Frame in the seven-way race to replace retiring state Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson, with Tarleton at 32.04 percent and Frame at 20.79 percent.

Frame's consultant, Moxie Media's Lisa MacLean, spun the results as a victory for Frame: "We're growing the tremendous grassroots momentum that Noel had behind her coming in to the final weeks. I think she had a very compelling message about prioritizing education that was very salient for voters in the 36th."

Here's Tarleton's take: "I think what pushed me over the top is that I have a team that works like maniacs and I have a lot of experience, and the voters saw that I was someone who was tested and was working for them."

In moving forward to the general election in November, Frame and Tarleton have toppled serious fellow Democratic contenders civil rights advocate Sahar Fathi and green Brett Phillips.
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