Kirby Wilbur, Chair of the Washington State Republican Party, writes a guest Cola op/ed, weighing in with his sage advice for Democratic primary voters.

Democrats face a tough choice on August 7th. They must pick a candidate to run in the new 1st Congressional District against Republican John Koster in November. They have several substantive candidates, each bringing a unique style and background to the table. For what it’s worth, based on my decades of political involvement and experience, I believe Darcy Burner is their best choice—in fact, the only choice.

First, let’s take a quick look at some of the other contenders. Suzan DelBene is a member of the one percent, and it wouldn’t look good for the party of the 99 percent to be represented by one of the one percent. Steve Hobbs is way too conservative and (gasp) he supports charter schools. Laura Ruderman doesn’t talk to her mother; the Democrats don’t need a candidate with family issues as it could be fodder for the Republican attack machine.

So that leaves us with Darcy Burner. She brings so much to this race. She has extensive political experience, having run for Congress twice before. She knows what it takes to lose, er, I mean win—after all, the third time is a charm. She can raise money too, which is vitally important for a candidate. In 2008 she out raised her Republican opponent by nearly 50 percent. She lost, but she out raised him.

None of this mushy "appeal-to-the-center-and-moderates-in-order-to-win" stuff either. Her policy positions place her squarely on the far left fringe of the Democratic party where, in reality, many, if not most, Democrat activists around here tend to be. She would be the truest representative of the party  and where it really stands, more than any of the other choices.

Check out her campaign website and you’ll see what I mean. She wants to spend and invest everything everywhere to help everyone. No mention of the national debt—not a single thought or statement—which shows that she doesn’t buy the right wing propaganda about the debt being a ticking time bomb that could blow up our future, or that’s it’s immoral to burden the future with current debt.

And she doesn’t buy the Republican fairy tales about the need to reform our entitlements either. Not a word about unfunded liabilities or Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security running out of money. And, she knows this stuff, after all—she majored in Economics at Harvard. Or, something like that.

There is so much more, but space is limited. I do want to throw in that I think “The NRA can go to hell” will play so well in the non-King County portions of the District.

Seriously folks. Give me Darcy. The First District is a combination of the old 2nd (about 60 percent of the current district) and the old 1st ( about 40 percent of the old district ). The old 2nd is north of the King County line and is fairly conservative. The 40 percent south of the King County line is moderate-liberal. Darcy Burner won’t sell well in that 60 percent, she is just too far left. Many on the left claim John Koster is far right, but John has run and done well in this portion before and Darcy is so far left, she makes John look like a moderate Republican. John has to hold his own in the 40% now in King County, which he will do against Darcy.

Kirby Wilbur is the Chair of the Washington State Republican Party
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