This is a little bit like when Rufus Wainwright came out, but here's an extra splash of Morning Fizz this morning:

From Sound Politics:

Former Dave Reichert Chief of Staff and current NRCC staffer has this in a Facebook status update:
Darcy Burner got a job as ED of the cong. progressive caucus (ie the hard left wingers). can't wait to see her on campus...

That would be this Congressional Progressive Caucus, whose "about" section pretty much confirms what Republicans have been saying for years: Darcy Burner has some admirable passion, but she's clearly a hard left Democrat, not a suburban moderate.

UPDATE: Keeper of all knowledge on Darcy, Goldy @ HA Seattle, tells me I should never trust Sound Politics, and sets the record straight: Burner does not have a job with the Congressional Progressive Caucus in Congress. She'll be taking a job as the the executive director of a yet unnamed non-profit in D.C. 

I'm assuming it'll be a lefty group, so Sound Politics is still likely to claim the new job outs Burner as al Qaeda.
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