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On Other Blogs Extra: Pot Group Spokesman Fired at Own Press Conference

By Erica C. Barnett August 14, 2012

In addition to the internecine battle between pot-legalization proponents and medical-marijuana proponents (short version: some medical marijuana supporters oppose the pot legalization initiative, I-502, because it includes DUI tests medical-pot users say they'd be unable to pass because they have high THC levels all the time), there's apparently also an inter-internecine battle between medical-pot proponents ... and medical pot proponents.

That battle came to head this afternoon, when the spokesman for one of the medical-marijuana groups, Philip Dawdy, was fired at his own press conference after members of a rival medical marijuana group crashed the conference and heckled him.

Here's the whole bizarre story, courtesy of the Tacoma News Tribune
Philip Dawdy, a longtime figure in the state's marijuana reform community, had invited reporters to the law offices of Seattle lawyer Kurt Boehl (BALE') for the kickoff of the new trade group, called Safe Access Alliance. The purpose was to discuss opposition among medical marijuana patients to Initiative 502, which would legalize marijuana for recreational use in Washington.

Members of the another group, the No on I-502 campaign, crashed the news conference and accused Safe Access Alliance of co-opting their message. Boehl is the president of Safe Access. He escorted the crashers to the door, took a few questions and then fired Dawdy, saying he had embarrassed the organization.

Boehl declined to comment on the firing afterwards.

KOMO News has a helpful update which explains that Boehl fired Dawdy for saying the group was specifically working against I-502, this year's pot legalization measure, when, in fact, Boehl says, the group is a broader trade group with an ongoing agenda.
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