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Inslee is Ahead Going Into Tuesday's Primary

By Morning Fizz August 6, 2012

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1. Both gubernatorial candidates are lowering expectations for Tuesday's primary. Democrat Jay Inslee's line: lower turnout (an early August election) means a more conservative electorate. The Democrats also kvetch about Republican state attorney general McKenna's better statewide name I.D.

The Republican line: The people who vote in primaries are partisan voters. There are more partisan Democrats in the state, so more Democrats will vote.

In the 2008 primary, Democratic Gov. Chris Gregoire won the primary 48.27 to Republican challenger Dino Rossi's 46.35. There were eight other unknown candidates in the race, including two Republicans. Rossi didn't gain many points in that year's general election, getting 46.76 to Gregoire's 53.24.[pullquote]KING 5 has been tracking the race for months and has seen the numbers steadily tightening up. Their conclusion: Inslee has the momentum.[/pullquote]

This year, there are seven other, minor candidates in the race, including four Republicans.

2. However, according to a new KING 5 poll, Inslee is ahead going into Tuesday's primary, 48-45. This follows a recent Elway Poll which had Inslee ahead 43-36.

Inslee had been behind in all the previous polls. And very far behind in KING 5's own polling about five months ago. KING 5 has been tracking the race for months, though, and has seen the numbers steadily tightening up. Their conclusion: Inslee has the momentum.

The worst news for McKenna, we think, is that he seems stuck just below 40 percent in the Puget Sound. McKenna hasn't budged that number in months. If he's reached his ceiling in the the Puget Sound, he's doomed. He needs to score in the mid 40s to sap Inslee's advantage.

3. Feeling a little paranoid, we did a public records records request to find out if wealthy San Francisco investor and potential Seattle arena investor Chris Hansen was talking to Bellevue. Bellevue reports no communications with Hansen, though one council member was contacted by a member of the Nordstrom family.(Erik and Peter Nordstrom are reportedly part of Hansen's investor group in the potential SoDo arena deal.)

However, the email was "personal in nature and in no way related to the development of an arena," a spokesperson for the Bellevue City Council tells us.

4. A new business and labor group called Alliance for Northwest Jobs & Exports is lobbying local officials to support the potential Montana coal trains that will go through Seattle on its way to Bellingham to ship coal to China. They hit Seattle City Council with a report on Friday claiming that coal exports from the Powder River Basin of Montana and Wyoming "will bring $2 to $6 billion to the U.S. economy annually" and "millions" in tax revenue to the local economy.

5. If you missed it late on sunny Friday afternoon, Josh published a must-read Q&A with 1st Congressional District candidate Darcy Burner.
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