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 1. At the urging of City Council member Tim Burgess, the city's first-ever strategic plan for City Light was edited last week to exclude an alarming chart showing the likely rate increases over the next six years. Additionally, references to rate "increases" were removed from the plan.

Thanks to the Internet, though, the alarming chart still exists; it shows annual rate increases averaging 4.7 percent over the next six years, with the largest hike, 5.8 percent, coming in 2014. "Implementation of the Strategic Plan will require a rate increase that averages 4.7 percent annually," the proposal says.[pullquote]McGinn has just over $7,000 in the bank, a tiny sum for an incumbent mayor facing a tough reelection battle in 2013.[/pullquote]

2. Mayor Mike McGinn canceled a planned July 3 fundraiser last month---the second reelection fundraiser he has canceled in recent months.

McGinn has just over $7,000 in the bank, a tiny sum for an incumbent mayor facing a tough reelection battle in 2013. Based on the fact that he hasn't been raising any money, we asked McGinn last week whether he plans to run again. His (somewhat cryptic) response: "All signs point to yes."

3. SEIU 775, the liberal home health care workers' union, took the unusual step today of endorsing two Republicans, state Sen. Steve Litzow (R-41) and Bruce Dammeier (R-25). SEIU typically endorses Democrats. For example, they came out early for Democrat Jay Inslee against Republican Rob McKenna for governor.

Litzow, who's facing a challenge from East Side Democrat Maureen Judge, has also been endorsed by the Washington Conservation Voters and Democratic Rep. Deb Eddy (D-48) is co-chairing his campaign. Litzow, a former member of NARAL's political action committee board, lost that group's endorsement this year because of a procedural vote he took to kill the Reproductive Parity Act.

4. Sahar Fathi, an aide to City Council member Mike O'Brien, is taking a leave to campaign full-time for 36th District state representative. The last council aide who ran for the legislature, Peter Steinbrueck aide Stephanie Pure, failed to make it through the primary in 2006 after deciding to stay at her job full-time (although she did use up all her vacation in the months leading up to the August primary).

5. The Seattle/King County Municipal League released its annual candidate ratings last week, and just one candidate in Seattle's two contested legislative races, Port Commissioner Gael Tarleton, who's running for state representative in the 36th, received a rating of "outstanding."

In other races, the Muni League generally favored incumbents, giving an "outstanding" rating, for example, to recently appointed King County Sheriff Steve Strachan, whose opponent, longtime sheriff's department spokesman John Urquhart, only merited a rating of "good."
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