With 1st District Congressional candidate Suzan DelBene coming from behind to take the lead among the Democratic contenders in the latest poll (see this morning's Fizz), her opponents are attacking.

DelBene, a former Microsoft exec and co-founder of Drugstore.com (which sold to Walgreens), is worth $53 million and has contributed $1.9 million of her own money to her campaign—funding a TV blitz that clearly amped her poll numbers this month.

Laura Ruderman, evidently upset about DelBene's new numbers, doesn't need her mom's credit card any more to go negative. Ruderman, who  recently condemned negative campaigning in response to her mom's PAC's attacks on DelBene and netroots star Darcy Burner, sent an email blast to her supporters today. Ruderman, a former state rep who is running a distant third, wrote:
Late last night, we received word that one of my opponents wrote her campaign another million dollar check. That means she has now put $1.9 million of her own money into this campaign.

If you believe that a seat in Congress is not one of the fancy toys that millionaires should be able to buy for themselves, please support our campaign and contribute $5, $25, or $50 today.

With all the noise about DelBene's wealth, let's look at the campaign finance facts from the latest Federal Elections Commission filings that came in this week.

If you subtract candidate loans, DelBene has still raised the most money: $539,000. Ruderman has raised $529,399 and Burner has raised $522,138.

If you just look at money raised from individual contributors, Ruderman has raised the most: $521,000. Burner has raised $501,000. And DelBene has raised $482,000.

Compiling everything, which is ultimately what matters, the numbers to date are: DelBene at $2.4 million; Darcy Burner (she's loaned herself $26,000, by the way) $548,000; and Ruderman $530,000.
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