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1. Re: the  story about the independent expenditure campaign being run by 1st Congressional District candidate Laura Ruderman supporters. Total waste of money. The group, Progress for Washington, has spent more than $60,000 so far going after Ruderman opponent Suzan DelBene with negative mailers.

Fizz's advice to the Ruderman fans: If you want to help Ruderman make it through the primary, spend your money trying to derail Darcy Burner; she's the candidate to beat right now, not DelBene.

2. On Tuesday, we reported, somewhat sarcastically, that Seattle's density opponents would be horrified by a proposal that New York City Mayor Bloomberg made to allow "micro-unit" apartment buildings---buildings with units as small as 275 square feet, with kitchens and bathrooms but no closet, affordable to low-income residents. [pullquote]The units allow people with limited income to live independently without spending $1,000-plus a month on rent.[/pullquote]

But as one city staffer pointed out, Seattle already has similar units. And they have, in fact, outraged density opponents. The aPodments, as they're know, exploit a loophole in the city's zoning laws that allows townhouse developments to be subdivided into "rooms"---that is, units---as small as 150 square feet.

One letter to the city council denounced the aPodments as promoting public safety problems, congestion, and the breakdown of the "learning community" at the nearby TOPS elementary school.

On the opposite side, the units allow people with limited income---including university students---to live independently without spending $1,000-plus a month on rent.

3. Progressives are making a stink about a Rob McKenna fundraiser in Spokane yesterday starring Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (Jindal endorsed McKenna). Jindal is one of the loudest opponents of President Obama's health care law (he say's Louisiana will not participate), and liberals tried to exploit that, extending any damage to McKenna by being associated with the failed legal challenge to Obamacare.

But when McKenna's team said the focus of the fundraiser was on education, the Democrats hit with another attack, pointing out what McKenna said on KPAM 860 this week: "What they [Louisiana] are accomplishing should make all of us in our state ashamed...they are doing it by providing new models of innovation that, frankly, other states are doing as well. Governor Jindal has really been on the forefront."

Quoting a Reuters report, Washington State Democratic Party spokesman Benton Strong noted that Gov. Jindal recently signed a school voucher program directing public school money toward "private industry, business owners and church pastors to educate children ... every time a student receives a voucher...his local public school will lose a chunk of funding."

4. Fizz repeats:  This awesome awards dinner for non-profit all-stars (wish we’d thought of that) could use PubliCola readers' nerdy brain power. Nominate non-profits and your heroic friends who work at them.

5. The city's ethics department has dismissed a complaint by longtime civic gadfly Chris Leman charging that the city's library system unlawfully promoted the proposed $123 million library levy, which would allow the library to expand hours and collections, by promoting the November ballot measure.

Leman has argued in the past that the city should put more controls in place to make sure levy funds are well spent; he'll have the opportunity to appeal the dismissal at the commission's next meeting, on July 18.
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