Kirby Wilbur Responds to Cheryl Pflug

By Kirby Wilbur July 12, 2012

Editor's note: Kirby Wilbur, the chair of the state Republican Party, wrote this response to two letters written by former state Sen. Cheryl Pflug about the King County Council's decision to appoint unsuccessful three-time statewide candidate and ex-Sen. Dino Rossi to fill Pflug's position in the 5th District. Pflug resigned earlier this year to take a job at the state Growth Management Board; she contends that Rossi's appointment is a ploy to win election for the Republican running for her former position, Snoqualmie businessman Brad Toft.

I don't want to continue this verbal war with Ms. Pflug. She claims that the governor offered her the new position [at the Growth Management Board] after she had filed to run for re-election and that it was too late to drop out and to inform caucus leadership; I will let the public decide if that they think that is really true. But she has made several statements which are factually incorrect and should be corrected for the benefit of PubliCola's readers.

Representative Glenn Anderson filed for Lieutenant Governor, not Attorney General. I would think Ms. Pflug would know that since they are from the same district and have served together for some time. Also, it was not my decision to prevent him from speaking at the convention; it was a unanimous decision made by the State Central Committee after Glenn filed to run as an Independent Republican. We are the Republican Party, with no adjective. There is no such party as the Independent Republican Party. Ms. Pflug says she still considers herself a Republican, yet she filed with the same adjective.

She refers to Mr. Toft as a candidate "encouraged by a pharmaceutical lobbyist and Wilbur." To set the record straight, I met with Brad once, for 15-20 minutes, long before all of this erupted. I told him that I, and the Party, would not endorse in a contested primary. After her departure, I did not "shut out a write-in campaign." In fact, I met with two people considering such a campaign to answer their questions and give them advice. Now that those campaigns won't happen, and he is the Republican in the race, I have endorsed Brad. Ms. Pflug has gone on to say she would have supported a write in candidate, but she had already endorsed Mr. Mullett (see the Voter Pamphlet statement) prior to this comment.

She talks of politicians who "treat the electorate disrespectfully,” yet she severely criticized the open and legal process of having the Precinct Committee Officers pick her replacement, just because she disagreed with their choice.

She says, "I told them ahead of time..." However, I have not spoken to her in over a year, if not longer. The last time I tried to talk to her in early 2011 in the state Capitol, she walked right past me, ignoring my attempt to converse.

Lastly, she talks of coming from the grassroots and returning there. However, I don’t think she will find much of a welcoming committee. The grassroots have asked for my assistance in repairing the damage she has done. I doubt they have contacted her.

I appreciate the opportunity to correct these errors and misstatements. Cheryl is more than welcome to call me anytime and ask what I have really done and said. She should not continue to make assumptions, for we all know what happens when folks assume things.
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