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Tweetworthy Moments From Pregnancy Center Hearing in Olympia

By Josh Feit January 27, 2010

Teo texted a few updates from what sounds like a contentious hearing in the state Senate health care committee this morning about a Planned Parenthood bill to make pregnancy centers disclose what services they provide.

The intent of the bill is to make it clear that "Crisis Pregnancy Centers" (or "limited service pregnancy centers" as Planned Parenthood calls them) do not  provide abortion services and actually exist to talk clients out of getting abortions, after deceptively getting them to come in.

The bill is sponsored by Bellevue Sen. Rodney Tom (D-48)

Teo texts:

•Another tweet worthy moment: While bill supporter (and a doctor) Kate McClean was testifying that abortion and breast cancer are not linked (like some pregnancy centers claim), a man called out "Lies!"

Republican State Sen. Cheryl Pflug (R-5, Maple Valley)

•Plus, Sammamish area Sen. Cheryl Pflug (R-5) calls into question the bias of pro bill testifiers, asking those testifying about negative experiences with pregnancy centers to raise their hand if they work or are volunteers at Planned Parenthood ... 4 out of 6 do.

Sen. Pflug then asks if they aren't going into centers "close-minded."

Teo will file a full report later.
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