2012 Election

Contribution of the Day: The Growing Overlap Between Brett and Larry Phillips

By Erica C. Barnett July 16, 2012

Brett Phillips, a Democratic candidate in the packed 36th District state house race and son of King County Council member Larry Phillips, has seen a spike in contributions from donors who also gave to his dad’s campaign for reelection. In March, the elder Phillips’ donors gave Brett Phillips about $2,000; in April, that overlap went up to $6,400. But in May and June, the overlap spiked to more than $10,000.

Derek Baker, Phillips' campaign consultant, called the growing overlap "interesting," but said the elder Phillips has no official role with the campaign, including with its finance committee.

He adds: "I think it is important to note that Brett has built the broadest support base of any candidate in the race, including labor, the environmental and business community -- and with it comes financial support from donors throughout tho

se communities, including people who have donated to other elected leaders. As the base of support grows, so too will the overlap with other officials, so naturally there is more overlap with his father." And he notes that Larry Phillips' county council district overlaps with the entire 36th district, so "many of the donors who would have a vested interest in contributing to Larry also have a vested interest in who represents them in Olympia."

As of July 13, Brett Phillips had raised just over $80,000, slightly edging out his closest competitor, Port Commissioner Gael Tarleton, who had raised just under $80,000 by July 12.
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