Reagan Dunn, a King County Council member and Republican candidate for attorney general, told Bellingham's KGMI-AM radio station that pharmacists who have religious objections to filling prescriptions for contraception or emergency contraception have every right, "under the religious liberty of the Constitution of the United States and the state of Washington," to refuse to fill those prescriptions.

Speaking about the Storman's Pharmacy case---in which religious pharmacists argued they had the right to refuse to fill valid prescriptions for emergency contraception---Dunn said, "I think that Mr. Storman, and the Storman family, is right in their fight. ...  If somebody has a legitimate religious or moral objection to selling something like the morning after pill, they ought to have the right not to sell it if they so choose."

He continued: "[US District Court] Judge Ronald Leighton is the one that found that it was in fact unconstitutional to force this person, this group of people, to fill [prescriptions for emergency contraception] at their pharmacy. I think it's the right decision. I have a lot of compassion for the family and the fight that they've been going through, and I hope they win."

Further appeals are expected in the Storma's case.

Dunn's full interview is available here; the discussion about contraception starts around 29:45.
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