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1. Fizz isn't sure what's a bigger turn-off: A) When a candidate pours $1 million of her own money into her own campaign or B) When a  candidate's mom takes advantage of Citizens United loopholes to fund attack ads against her daughter's opponent.

Reports filed with the Federal Elections Commission this weekend show that 1sCongressional District candidate Suzan DelBene—net worth $53 million—put $1 million of her own money into her own campaign this past quarter. (This isn't a huge surprise; DelBene put up $2.3 million of her own cash into her 2010 race and had already put $300,000 in this year as of late May.)

Meanwhile, Margaret Rothschild, the mother  of 1st Congressional District candidate Laura Ruderman, turned out to be the mystery donor ($115,000) behind Progress for Washington, the independent expenditure group that's been doing anti-DelBene mail pieces.

2. The latest reports show DelBene is leading the pack in the 1st Congressional District race in fundraising overall even without the $1 million, having raised about  $524,000 (about $470,000 from other people and $182,000 this quarter). She has $191,000 cash on hand.

Laura Ruderman has raised $491,000 overall ($128,000 this quarter), with $276,000 cash on hand.

Darcy Burner has raised $484,847 ($178,000 this quarter), with $85,000 cash on hand.

The lone Republican in the race, Snohomish County Council member John Koster, is matching them. He has raised $452,000 to date with $115,000 cash on hand. He raised $115,000 this quarter.

Two other Democrats in the race, state Sen. Steve Hobbs (D-44, Snohomish) and Nepalese immigrant Darshan Rauniyar are far behind in fundraising. Rauniyar has raised $215,000 with $115,000 cash on hand and Hobbs has raised $198,000 with $98,000 cash on hand.

3. This weekend, the Seattle Times ran two good background pieces on the gubernatorial candidates—Democrat Jay Inslee and Republican Rob McKenna, detailing their respective formative years as students (Inslee the jock and McKenna the brain).

A detail Fizz loves that they left out, though: According to a fellow student, McKenna's nickname in college was "Opie"—as in Opie Taylor, the Ron Howard character in the squeaky clean 1960s family sitcom, The Andy Griffith Show.

4. Spoofing "Corporate Personhood"—backers of Seattle city initiative I-103, which would repeal 1st Amendment rights for corporations, are holding a mock wedding in Westlake on Tuesday between a woman ... and a corporation.

Check out the details at the happy couple's Facebook page.
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