Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna, the GOP candidate for governor, has downplayed social issues in his race against Democrat Jay Inslee who's pro gay marriage and supports R-54, this fall's pending measure to affirm the legislature's pro gay marriage law. Trying to sound moderate on the issue, McKenna has relied on a catchy sound bite when asked his own position on gay marriage.

"My position is no different than President Obama's," he's said again and again, referring to Obama's longstanding mushy: "I don't support gay marriage, but I'm evolving" stance.

Today's big headline: Obama has fully evolved. He supports gay marriage.

We've got a call in to McKenna's campaign to see if he still stands by his man Obama.

We've also got a call into Inslee, who we imagine will pounce on this news.

UPDATE: Inslee tells PubliCola:
Moving forward takes courage, and we should all be very proud of the President today who displayed courage in moving forward on this issue. I believe marriage equality should be the law of the land and will work to make that happen here in Washington state.

Meanwhile, Gov. Chris Gregoire, who pushed this year's gay marriage legislation said in a statement:
Thank you Mr. President. Along with thousands of Washingtonians who stand strongly for marriage equality, today we thank you for your courageous and heartfelt act. As we know in Washington state, families are families and we cannot deny equal rights to committed, loving couples. Passing the marriage equality bill was among my proudest accomplishments. Today I’m equally proud of our President.
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