Kevin Wallace Loves Light Rail

By Erica C. Barnett May 3, 2012

Developer and Bellevue City Council member Kevin Wallace---a longtime opponent of Sound Transit's light rail plans on the Eastside and a frequent recipient of campaign dollars from Bellevue megadeveloper (and staunch rail opponent) Kemper Freeman---is building a 104-unit apartment building on Capitol Hill, and promoting it using a surprising strategy: Arguing that the building "promotes green, healthy living," in part because of its proximity to the Capitol Hill light rail station.

In a press release announcing the development, Wallace said, “We’re excited to unveil Citizen of the Pike Pine” (the name of the building)."Citizen exemplifies what we are trying to achieve with the mixed-use development program – a LEED Silver, condo-quality apartment project built for long-term ownership and with retail that adds value.”

The building, at 13th and Madison, is in a part of the city that's exempt from minimum parking requirements (a source of some consternation recently among neighborhood activists and certain daily newspaper columnists). Nonetheless, Wallace is still building 50 parking spaces, or about one for every two units in the dense transit hub of Capitol Hill.
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