According to the latest reports at the state Public Disclosure Commission, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee's latest fundraising numbers are in; though his staff says more is coming.

The current numbers show that Inslee raised at least $366,000 in April, bringing his total right now to $5.1 million with $3 million on hand. (Inslee raised $580,000 in March.) He doesn't appear to have gotten an infusion from the Washington State Democratic Party this time around. In previous months, the GOP has been quick to point out that the state party has kicked in about a half million.

We are currently reviewing his donations (lots of donations from Group Health). Inslee had a last-minute goal of raising $40,000 from $5 donors during the last few days of the month, a goal his campaign says he met. (Still checking to see if that's $5 each from brand new donors, or whether it includes people who had already donated bigger amounts.)

Republican candidate Rob McKenna has not updated his numbers yet. He had raised $4 million as of last month's report after having to sit out the fundraising race for four months during the legislative session and special session.
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