One noteworthy Washington State Labor Council endorsement we failed to mention in this morning's Fizz was the one in Spokane's 3rd Legislative District.

After Senate Majority Leader Sen. Lisa Brown (D-3, Spokane) announced late last week that she's not seeking reelection, the ensuing musical chairs brought three Democrats into the race to fill state Rep. Andy Billig's (D-3, Spokane) seat (Billig is going for Brown's seat): Spokane City Council member John Snyder; science fiction comic book store owner John Waite; and Brown policy adviser Marcus Riccelli.

With less than 24 hours to round up the votes—candidates needed a two-thirds vote to get the WSLC endorsement—Riccelli got the sole endorsement.

Also: The labor council didn't make a pick in the 11th (S. Seattle, Renton, Tukwila)  where a pack of Democrats is competing for state Rep. Bob Hasegawa's seat. Hasegawa is running for retiring Sen. Maragarita Prentice's seat. The field includes four Democrats: Tukwila high school teacher Steven Bergquist; former Port of Tacoma staffer Stephanie Bowman; Seattle Port Commissioner Rob Holland;  and orthodontist Bobby Virk.  No one was able to get the two-thirds vote ("It's a heavy lift," WSLC spokeswoman Kathy Cummings says).

Although Bowman did pick up an endorsement from Seattle Rep. Reuven Carlyle (D-36, Queen Anne) this morning. Never short on adjectives, Carlyle wrote on his Facebook page that Bowman would make "a thoughtful, engaged, insightful, progressive, passionate and highly effective legislator."

Bowman, who was also recently endorsed by the machinists' union (a big deal in the 747 turf), is way behind in the money race, though. In fact, Virk is dwarfing the lot; he's raised $202,000 with $120,000 on hand. No one else is even close. Bowman, for example, has raised $12,000.
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