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By Morning Fizz April 13, 2012

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1. Two more candidates made it official this week, and formally announced they're running in north Seattle's 46th District to fill retiring Rep. Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney's open seat: union plumber Dusty Hoerler (who helped start SustainableWorks, an energy efficiency non-profit that helps homeowners with green retrofits) and Sarajane Siegfriedt, a longtime low-income and social justice advocate.

Siegfreidt's community work—she was on the board of social services non-profit Solid Ground, has worked at United Way and the Thunderbird Treatment Center, and lobbied in Olympia for public financing of elections—has helped her net a batch of endorsements including former 46th District state Sen. Ken Jacobsen and State Reps. Mark Miloscia, Ruth Kagi,Roger Goodman, and Bob Hasegawa. She's also been endorsed by Seattle City Council members Bruce Harrell and Nick Licata.

Bryant bankruptcy attorney Shelly Crocker, who's already raised $21,000, and former Transportation Choices Coalition director Jessyn Farrell (who's got some impressive endorsements of her own, including state Reps. Joe Fitzgibbon and Marko Liias and Seattle city council members Tim Burgess and Sally Bagshaw ) have already formally jumped in to the race.

Education consultant Sylvester Cann is challenging the incumbent, longtime nuclear waste  cleanup activist  Gerry Pollet, in the other 46th District seat.

Cann leads the whole crew in fundraising with $35,000 and about $26,000 cash on hand, which is still more than anyone else has raised, including Pollet, who's raised $13,000 and has most of it still on hand.

2. The five-candidate Democratic intramural in the 1st Congressional District is getting personal. The latest fundraising appeal for state Sen. Steve Hobbs, a member of the senate's  fiscally conservative Roadkill Caucus, ironically comes with a little lefty Occupy rhetoric.

In a thinly veiled hit on Suzan DelBene, the wealthy Eastside techie, the Hobbs letter (from education reformer Lisa Macfarlane of Democrats for Education Reform) concludes: "Steve needs your help. One of his opponents is a multimillionaire whereas Steve is, um, a regular middle class guy."

DelBene, who helped start,  put $2.3 million of her own money in her previous run for Congress.

Hobbs is popular with education reform activists and the letter from Macfarlane also hypes Hobbs for having the "real cojones" to push the K-12 employee health care reform bill against the wishes of the teachers' union. Hobbs' initial bill would have gutted teachers' bargaining rights on health care plans. The bill that passed, as part of the big budget compromise, was watered down and basically added transparency guidelines over district-by-district K-12 employee coverage.

3. Friday pet peeve: The Republican ploy of using the noun "Democrat" as an adjective (as in "Democrat budget"), as a press release about Jay Inslee from the local GOP did yesterday (the release also noted Inslee's "Democrat allies"), is starting to look odd given their candidate, Rob McKenna's, focus on education. (Republicans tactically say "Democrat" instead of "Democratic" because when you—incorrectly—use "Democrat" as an adjective, you land hard on the word "rat.")

How can voters believe McKenna's education rap if his party doesn't know the difference between an adjective and a noun.

For example, you don't say "The America Dream." You use the adjective and say, "the American dream."
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