King County Council member Larry Phillips, a member of the Sound Transit board, wrote a letter to Sound Transit director Joni Earl today opposing Sound Transit's decision not to run ads supporting unionization of non-unionized workers at SeaTac airport. The ads, sponsored by Working Washington---a nonprofit coalition of labor, community, and social justice groups---feature SeaTac skycap Hosea Watkins, who, according to Working Washington, has worked at SeaTac for 31 years and is still paid minimum wage.

In his letter to Earl, Phillips wrote, "It is unclear why the proposed advertisement, which reads 'Let’s make all airport jobs good jobs,' was rejected by the agency.  I understand that Sound Transit’s advertising policy stipulates maintaining a position of neutrality on political, religious, and controversial matters.'  I have reviewed the policy, which contains a list of specific types advertising that is prohibited on or at Sound Transit facilities, and the Working Washington advertisement does not appear to fall into any of the prohibited categories."

Sound Transit spokesman Geoff Patrick told PubliCola that the agency has a history of rejecting controversial ads and that the ad was “based on a unionization effort, which is inherently controversial." He also said it was unclear from Working Washington's web site who was funding the group.
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