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By Morning Fizz April 27, 2012

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1. Fizz hears that Lyn Tangen, the longtime head lobbyist for South Lake Union developer Vulcan, has announced her retirement. If the hot gossip is true,  Tangen's decision would come just as Vulcan is asking the city council to approve a major upzone for property it owns in the neighborhood---up to 240 feet for office towers, and up to 400 feet for residential buildings on the lake shore.

Vulcan spokesman David Postman did not return a call for comment, and Tangen was out of town yesterday.[pullquote]If the hot gossip is true,  Tangen's decision would come just as Vulcan is asking the city council to approve a major upzone.[/pullquote]

2. Bobby Forch, whose unsuccessful campaign against city council incumbent Jean Godden left him more than $61,000 in debt, has closed out his campaign account, spending $61,000 of his own money to erase the debt by the May 1 deadline. Most of that went to his consultant, WinPower Strategies. Forch's current salary information was not available, but according to, which tracks government employees' salaries, he made $102,844 in 2009.

3. Dana Laurent, the longtime political director for Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest, who's overseen the organization's effective defense during the last several years of legislative attacks (the war on women isn't unique to 2012), has taken a job as executive director of the Win/Win Network, a progressive group that "bring[s] together socially responsible organizations to improve collaboration and communications in Washington State."

Planned Parenthood spokeswoman Sara Kiesler says the group has not yet hired a replacement.

4. As the Washington State Labor Council gets set to make it's endorsements next month, legislative district candidates are hyping their specific union endorsements. A couple recent ones we forgot to note:

1) State Rep. Gerry Pollet (D-46, N. Seattle) picked up the  machinists endorsement (that's a big one—45,000 Boeing workers). Endorsing an incumbent Democrat may not seem newsworthy coming from a blue union like IAM 751, but Pollet could use the boost; he's facing an energetic challenge from young Democrat (and late Sen. Scott White aide), Sylvester Cann;

2) In a bit of a surprise, relative unknown, Stephanie Bowman, a former port of Tacoma staffer who's running in the crowded 11th Legislative District for Rep. Bob Hasegawa's open seat (Hasegawa is running for state senate), picked up the Boeing workers' endorsement as well.  Bowman points out that the endorsement is an even bigger deal in the 11th (S. Seattle, Renton, Tukwila) because the 737 Max is being produced in Renton;

and 3) While not much of a surprise, Dusty Hoerler, who's running in the crowded field for the open seat in the 46th (Rep. Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney is retiring), also got the hefty machinists endorsement. Though Hoerler is a bit of an unknown too, the endorsement isn't much of a surprise (the King County Labor Council has recommended Hoerler for the state labor council endorsement as well) because Hoerler is a union plumber who's been super active in union GOTV efforts; he won the Washington State Labor Council “Rising Star” award in 2009 for his door-to-door organizing.

Yesterday, Fizz noted that Noel Frame got the machinists' endorsement in the crowded 36th District (Ballard, Queen Anne, Phinney Ridge, Magnolia) race.
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