Dickerson Endorses Tarleton as Successor

By Afternoon Jolt April 24, 2012

Today's Main Winner: Gael Tarleton

Retiring state Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson (D-36, Ballard) has endorsed one of the six candidates in the Democratic rumble for her seat. And the winner is: Seattle Port Commissioner Gael Tarleton.

Dickerson's endorsement is huge. Dickerson, a super liberal, is super popular in the 36th, and her endorsement will give Tarleton, who some in the district may see as too moderate because of her compromise stand on trucking pollution and her reluctance to embrace trucker unionization, more credibility with the lefties.

Dickerson told Jolt: "Gael has strong progressive values and she has experience as a lawmaker—none of the other candidates have that experience." Dickerson called Tarleton a "straight shooter" and said she appreciated how Tarleton called her before her making her controversial decision not to fully back unionization efforts at the port.

Dickerson was particularly impressed with Tarleton's work against sex trafficking. "It's not a progressive or conservative issue ... she came at it from a feminist perspective."

Dickerson said her Tarleton endorsement "wasn't a hit" on the other candidates in the race. "We've got strong candidates in the 3th. I'm very happy."

Today's other winner: The Seattle Channel. 

The Seattle Channel, which last year won four Emmy awards, scored a record 21 Emmy nominations this year, including several for local news programming, including three nominations for the local public-affairs show City Inside/Out---two under current host Brian Callanan (for a show on the city's Veterans Court and a show on homelessness) and one under former host C.R. Douglas, who has since moved on to Q13 FOX, for a show on teen sex trafficking.

A full list of the Seattle Channel's Emmy nominations is available here.
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