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Inslee Does Not Support Marijuana Initiative

By Josh Feit March 23, 2012

The Inslee campaign is banking on liberal voter turnout in November thanks to the marijuana legalization initiative, I-502, but Inslee is against the measure.

In an interview that will be broadcast later today on KCTS Connects, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee told host Enrique Cerna this afternoon that he is "not comfortable" voting for I-502, the measure that would: legalize marijuana; sell it in state stores; and generate—a new state estimate says—$560 million a year in tax revenue.

Inslee did not elaborate, saying only that he supported medical marijuana and the governor's efforts to change the classification of pot from a Schedule 1 (totally illegal) to a Schedule 2 (okay when prescribed by doctors) drug. Ironically, Inslee strategists are hoping that support for I-502 brings out liberals who will also vote for Inslee.

Inslee's Republican opponent, Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna, is against I-502 as well.

Inslee talked at length with Cerna instead about his support for gay marriage, which is also likely to be on the ballot in November, saying that no politician or government should be able tell someone they can't marry the person they're in love with.

McKenna, saying his position is the same as President Obama's, has explained that he supports the state's domestic partnership laws, but he's against gay marriage.

Watch for the Inslee interview on KCTS tonight.

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