Yesterday, when we reported on a local Democratic activist's Public Disclosure Commission complaint against 10 Republicans and one conservative Democrat (state Sen. Rodney Tom, D-48, Bellevue) for putting fundraising solicitations up on their web sites, we speculated that the activist and her group hadn't scoured Democrats' web sites as closely for similar violations.

Fundraising isn't allowed while the legislature is in session.

(We also pointed out that it wasn't clear if a fundraising page on a web site, perhaps going unattended, actually counts as a violation. The PDC wouldn't comment specifically on the complaint this morning, but spokeswoman Lori Anderson did say: "They [legislators] cannot solicit in any manner," and when asked if a fundraising form counted, she said, "Yes." )

In a spot check this morning of liberal legislators such as Democratic majority leader Rep. Pat Sullivan (D-47), we found that yes indeed, Democrats were guilty of the same potential violation.

Fundraising forms were still up on at least four Democrats' web sites: Troy Kelley (D-28), Christopher Hurst (D-31), Sam Hunt (D-22), and Sullivan.

Rep. Hurst, however, points out that while the fundraising page is still up, his "Latest News" page (though not his home page),  says he can't accept contributions while the legislature is in session.
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