Today's winners: Domestic-violence victims, DUI victims, film producers ... and possibly Seattle's hopes for a new NBA team.

Bunch of winners today. First up:  Gov. Chris Gregoire, backing off on her refusal to sign bills in an effort to get state legislators to move on the budget, signed a number of bills passed with strong majorities in both houses today.

First, she signed off on legislation reviving a tax incentive for film production companies to make films in Washington. The incentive, which gives film production companies a 30 percent rebate on money they spend in Washington State, was supported by liberal Seattle Democratic Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles (D-36) and Rep. Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney (D-46).

Then, Gregoire signed off on three bills sponsored by Rep. Roger Goodman (D-45), who's running for Jay Inslee's old 1st District congressional seat. The first Goodman bill increases penalties on anyone who releases confidential information about domestic-violence victims who have obtained protection orders against their abusers and increases the penalty for violating a no-contact order from a misdemeanor to a gross misdemeanor. The second allows juvenile offenders to complete a restorative-justice program (according to a Goodman press release, "a judicial strategy that brings together crime victims, offenders, their families, and relevant community members to help the juveniles understand how their crimes have affected others") as a diversion program, effectively allowing them to avoid having a criminal record. And the third would strengthen penalties on DUI offenders.

One final potential winner: Supporters of a new NBA team in Seattle. As the Sacramento Bee and others reported today, a deal to keep the Sacramento Kings in Sacramento has hit a snag---the team's owners are reportedly balking at the city's demand that they kick in more than $3 million to help build a new arena---opening up, once again, the possibility that the team might choose to relocate to a new arena here.
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