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Cola Readers Match Another $1,000 Pledge. Final Push to Reach $10,000 Goal.

By Josh Feit March 1, 2012

PubliCola is a welcome anomaly. At a time when news organizations were laying off the wonks necessary to do the true work of journalism, Josh Feit founded a news site DEVOTED to such wonkery. Then he hired Erica Barnett, a reporter with an awe-inspiring devotion to the details wherein dwell the devils. They work sources and analyze documents to break news. Their background in the alternative press makes them unafraid to report a plain truth even though no official spokesperson will mouth it for them.

Is PubliCola perfect? No. Some days the only thing that stops me from flinging it across the room is the fact that I’m reading it on an expensive electronic device. Can it replace the many departed wonks who formerly covered state and local government and politics in Washington state and Seattle? Sadly, it cannot. But is it a righteous attempt to preserve and reinvent the most vital part of journalism? Absolutely. Will it survive? I certainly hope so, and I’m willing to back my hope with some cash. So should you.

—Paul Queary spent 20 years with the Associated Press, including stints as the AP correspondent in Olympia and as its news editor in Seattle. Queary is currently is vice president for communications at Strategies 360 in Seattle.

In response to yesterday's $1,000 match pledge, Cola readers came through big. Thank you to everyone who contributed yesterday. And also a  huge thanks to those who contributed in the previous three days.

We've now raised nearly $9,000 toward our $10,000 goal to help support the on-line, on-the-ground journalism that's published here every day. (Check out this morning's Fizz for some nerdy state budget details—and the latest last-minute machinations in Olympia.)

If you’re addicted to Fizz (and Afternoon Jolt), then Erica and I ask that you help keep this one-of-a-kind site going. Whether you can afford to give $10 or $1000, every bit helps. Remember, a $50 contribution works out to less than $1 a week over the course of a year. A great deal for your daily news fix.

We wish we didn't have to ask for your help. We wish we were getting rich off this site (we know, not going to happen). We wish a lot of things, but mostly we want the opportunity to keep doing -- and improving on -- what we've been doing over the last three years: Digging into to state budgets and city hall legislation to keep you informed. Please be generous and give whatever you can afford. Thanks.

Just click the button below to contribute (don't worry, you don't need a Paypal account.) (Note: PubliCola is not a 501 (c) (3), so contributions are not tax deductible.)

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