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Ceis Back at the Mayor's Office ...

By Morning Fizz March 30, 2012

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1. Former deputy mayor Tim Ceis, who started his own public-relations firm after his boss Greg Nickels was booted from office in 2009, is back at city hall helping the new mayor. [pullquote]Cies' two city hallĀ  contracts, including one for the mayor doing outreach on the arena proposal, total $115,000.[/pullquote]

Ceis is working as as a consultant on two contracts with city hall---one through Mayor Mike McGinn's office, doing stakeholder outreach on the new arena proposal for the Seattle Department of Transportation, the other through the city council and the mayor's office lobbying the state legislature on business and occupation tax legislation (including a bill the city has said would cost the city as much as $43 million a year).

The two contracts, for $35,000 and $80,000, respectively, total $115,000.

2. According to a report presented to the city council's finance committee yesterday, the city has about $700 million in outstanding major capital-project needs, including waterfront improvements, the city's portion of the downtown seawall, and streetlight replacements.

That's twice as much as the city's total debt capacity of $350 million. And it doesn't include smaller capital projects, like the Seattle Center master plan, sidewalks, light rail, the Magnolia Bridge replacement, and various IT projects.

The upshot is that the city will have to put at least several levies on the ballot, including, potentially, levies to fund the seawall, public safety, and parks.

3. Erica will be on KUOW's Weekday with Steve Scher this morning at 10 to review the top stories of the week. 94.9 FM.

Josh will be on KCTS Connects with Enrique Cerna this evening at 7 to review the news of the week. Channel 9.

4. Who's the most popular city council member? According to statistics compiled by the city's Department of Information Technology, based on views of city council members' web sites, Nick Licata's site was far and away the most visited, with about twice as many visits this year so far as the closest runner-up (6,744, compared to Richard Conlin's 3,356). The least popular web site was Jean Godden's, with just 1,181 visitors so far this year.
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