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Yesterday's Match Drive Was a Big Success. Please Keep the Support Coming.

By Josh Feit February 28, 2012

"A while back, we jokingly (and nervously) called PubliCola the 'city employee newsletter.' You can read things there no one else knows, but that affect your job. It's grown to be a solid source of government news, hypothesis and analysis that any healthy city should have. PubliCola is a 'must check' site in the morning and throughout the day."—Seattle City Council President Sally Clark

Cola readers responded big to the match-pledge we announced Monday. You made more than $2,000 in contributions yesterday, beating our match goal by more than $1,000. Thank you.

Add in the matched pledge, and we raised $3,000 yesterday, bringing the total in our fundraising drive to more than $6,000 in two days of nagging you.

And like any good fundraising drive, we're going to keep asking you to help sustain the reporting we do.

•Where else are you going to read about the damaging precedent being set by the legislature to exempt WSDOT from the environmental appeals process? A story we broke last week and continue to cover.

•Who else goes through government budgets and breaks the big news that the tunnel tolling projections have been cut in half?

•And of course, thanks to our on-the-ground reporting (outing an email from a disaffected Democratic donor), an important civic debate is now raging over education reform.

Please consider making a contribution to PubliCola to support this kind of journalism.

Just a reminder: PubliCola is not a 501(c)(3) so your contributions are not tax deductible.

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