The Olympian reports that a bipartisan group of state legislators has proposed a $1.3 billion stimulus bill that, they say, would create more than 23,000 jobs in Washington State. Hans Dunshee (D-44), one of two prime sponsors of the package (the other is Rep. Judy Warnick, R-13), estimates that the proposal would trigger another $780 million in matching dollars. PubliCola reported on an earlier version of the bill earlier this year.

The three-part plan, according to the Olympian, includes $251 million for higher-ed projects; $152 million for local government infrastructure; $108 million for energy upgrades at schools and universities; $98 million for housing; and $72 million for environmental projects, among many other projects.
“Rep. Dunshee and I have worked closely to come up with a proposal,” Warnick said. “Working closely and agreeing on everything – it doesn’t mean the same thing.”

One GOP worry is that the complicated plan – which has three pieces of legislation to authorize different batches of bonds backed by different revenue streams – does not go far enough to protect those accounts from future raids, Warnick said.

A toxics-cleanup account, which is fed by taxes on pesticides and oil products, for example, has seen hundreds of millions of dollars diverted to other uses in recent years.

But like Dunshee, Warnick said the projects list is a good one that spreads work across the state.

In South Sound, there are projects such as cleaning the Capitol Dome and $10 million for a sediment-basins project for the LOTT Clean Water Alliance in Olympia.
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