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New Poll Finds Inslee and McKenna Tied (and Support for Same-Sex Marriage)

By Josh Feit February 22, 2012

After a series of recent bad poll results for US Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA, 1), the Democrats' candidate for governor, a Democratic polling company, Public Policy Polling, finds that Inslee is tied—42-42 (with 16 percent undecided)—with his Republican rival, Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna. The Washington State Democrats point out that the poll had the smallest margin of error in comparison to the other recent polls.

Additionally, the poll found that both candidates had unimpressive "favorable" ratings: 36 percent liked Inslee, 28 percent didn't, and 36 percent didn't know. As for McKenna: 39 percent liked him, 29 percent didn't, and 32 percent didn't know. I'd expect those kind of vague to middling opinions in other races, but that's pretty unimpressive for both camps in this high-profile competition.

Here's the poll  (of 1,264 Washington voters with a margin of error of 2.76 percent) which comes with some other finds:  50 percent of voters would vote to uphold the same-sex marriage law; 49 percent think gay marriage should be legal; 46 percent say of all the options on the issue, such as civil unions or non-recognition, gay marriage is the best; and 47 to 39 were for legalizing pot. A plurality of those polled, 28 percent, described themselves as moderates with only 14 percent describing themselves as "very liberal" and 17 percent as "very conservative."
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