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Gay Marriage Opponents Challenge McKenna's Ballot Title

By Erica C. Barnett February 22, 2012

Opponents to Washington State's recently adopted marriage equality law have filed a challenge to the ballot language proposed by Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna, who is running for governor.

The group, Preserve Marriage Washington, which is sponsoring Referendum 74 to overturn the law, argues that McKenna's language "does not reference the significant and fundamental change in Washington's law which would render the terms `husband' and `wife' as gender-neutral, and which terms appear in more than 300 provisions in the laws of the State of Washington, such that the voters of Washington are not fully apprised of the legal effect(s) of the bill by the Attorney General's ballot title."

Last week, marriage-equality proponents objected to the language on the grounds that it included the term "redefine marriage," a politically charge phrase that does not occur anywhere in the marriage equality bill).

Next Monday is the deadline for ballot challenges.
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