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Bummer News

By Josh Feit February 1, 2012

We're sad to announce that our star star crime reporter Jonah Spangenthal-Lee is leaving PubliCola.

Jonah is a dynamite beat reporter. In my opinion, he's the best crime reporter in the city. Here at PubliCola, he broke loads of exciting stories. To name a few: He broke the news about the DOJ's harsh report on the SPD; he broke the news on Phoenix Jones' arrest; he got PubliCola linked in the NYT with his Occupy coverage; and he scored us as much traffic as we've ever seen from a single post when, during his first week here, he reported about a man who lit his balls on fire.

We hired Jonah just five months ago, and we're bummed to see his time here come to an end. It is a cost-saving move and while I love his work, we had no other choice. If any media outlet is looking to make a great hire, the best cops reporter, to our chagrin, is now available.
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