USA Today reports that, "in a wrinkle that puzzles economists," hundreds of thousands of men are stooping to take jobs in the lowly and low-paying retail sector that has traditionally been dominated by women.

"It's a testament to how difficult the job market is," said Moody's Analytics economist Ryan Sweet, noting that there are still 4.5 times more unemployed people thanU.S. job openings. "Men are taking jobs you wouldn't think they would."

"The most important factor pushing men into new fields may be the looming expiration of unemployment benefits, Sweet said. 'They decide, do you drop out of the labor force or take anything you can?'"

Yes, you certainly wouldn't think men would stoop to taking horrible, low-paid, no-benefits jobs that should obviously be done by ladies. It truly is a sad day in America when men are forced to debase themselves by taking on women's work.

Meanwhile, as men continue to land the vast majority of new jobs---some 95 percent of jobs created during the recovery have gone to men---women's share of the workforce, which had climbed all the way to 50 percent, has dropped back to 49.4 percent, reflecting the fact that women aren't benefiting from the recovery.
 At least now we can stop talking about the "mancession" and wringing our hands over the "end of men."
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