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By Morning Fizz January 13, 2012

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1. Learn to trust the Fizz: Confirming a story we reported earlier this week, Sylvester Cann---an unsuccessful candidate for nomination as state representative in the 46th legislative District---is running this year against Gerry Pollet, who was appointed to the seat earlier this year. (The house seat opened up when David Frockt moved over to the state senate to fill the seat formerly occupied by Scott White, who died suddenly late last year).

Cann was White's legislative assistant.

2. State legislators filed two environmental bills yesterday: One to allow "peer-to-peer" car sharing, the other to ban plastic bottles.[pullquote]Legislators also filed two bad environmental bills yesterday. [/pullquote]

The first bill, proposed by Rep. Zack Hudgins (D-11, S. Seattle), would allow car owners to rent their cars to drivers by the hour through a car-sharing company. Currently, car sharing is limited to membership services like Zipcar, which own a fleet of cars and rent them by the hour to Zipcar members.

The second proposal, from Sen. Maralyn Chase (D-32, Shoreline), would ban "petroleum-based plastic beverage bottles, one and one-half liters in size or smaller, that the manufacturer does not intend to be reusable." Anyone who sells or manufactures plastic bottles would be subject to a fine of up to $10,000.

3. Legislators also filed two bad environmental bills yesterday. 1) Rep. Hans Zeiger (R-25, Puyallup) has a bill that would exempt the UW from reporting its progress toward meeting state greenhouse gas reduction goals and 2) Rep. Joel Kretz (R-7, Wauconda) has a bill that would allow four small counties---Ferry, Pend Oreille, Garfield, and Columbia---to opt out of the Growth Management Act. Kretz passed the bill out of the house last year, but it failed in the senate.

Yesterday, he got it fast-tracked onto the house vote calendar.

4. Local political consultant Argo Strategies was nominated for three Reed Awards—national awards for political campaign work—including "Best Direct Mail Piece" and "Toughest Mail Piece" for mailers they did during Richard Mitchell's King County Council race against incumbent Jane Hague.

The nominees were announced yesterday in Campaigns & Elections magazine and the winners will be announced in D.C. in February.
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