Shootings, Stabbings, Home Invasions and Pot Pals

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee January 30, 2012

Today in Fuzz: Two shootings, a stabbing, a home invasion, and pot patient robbed.

What a messy, bloody weekend.

1) Three men were wounded in a shooting outside a South Lake Union nightclub early Saturday morning. After bouncers tossed a group of men out of the club for fighting around 1:30 am, at least one gunman fired off as many as 30 rounds.

One man was hit in the arms and leg, another was shot in the stomach, and a third man shot in the chest.

Police also found bullet holes in several cars, and the exterior walls of the nightclub. Gang unit and homicide detectives were on the scene to investigate the shooting, and found one gun near the scene. So far, it doesn't appear police have made any arrests.

2) Police say a 25-year-old man was also shot in the leg around 12:15 am Saturday after he got into an argument with a man near 13th Ave. and E. Jefferson St.

3) Around 7:00 Sunday night, a man walked into a Belltown restaurant and told the staff he'd been stabbed. The victim told police the man who stabbed him had accused the victim of robbing him in in the past, then stabbed him twice in the chest.

4) A medical marijuana patient told police he was robbed for the third time this month after he invited a friend over to spoke some pot on January 25. The victim told officers his pot pal showed up at his apartment at 8th Ave. and Spring St. with another man, who pulled out a baton and told him "we're going to jack you."

The suspect then wandered around the victim's apartment, and stuffed a bunch of stolen items into a backback before he fled.

5) A pair of masked gunmen broke into a south Seattle home and pistol-whipped one of the residents early Sunday morning.

Around 3:30 am, the men knocked on the front door of a house on Renton Ave. S. and S. Mead, and asked for a man who lives there.

The woman who answered the door told the men to leave, and then called her husband. Moments later, she heard noises behind her home and found the two suspects huddled at the back door.

When one of the men pointed a gun at the woman, she ran to the front of the house and called 911. As the woman was calling 911, her husband came home.

One of the gunmen burst in the back door and demanded money and drugs from the woman, while the other suspect chased the woman's husband down the street and pistol-whipped him.

After the victims gave the suspects a bunch of cash (the amount was not disclosed in the police report), they fled.
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