Pioneer Square Stabbing, Cab Driver Pulls Gun

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee January 13, 2012

Today in Fuzz: Man stabbed in Pioneer Square robbery, cops break up club brawls, cabbie pulls gun on man, police arrest Mensa candidate on Capitol Hill.

1) A mugger stabbed a man during a robbery in Pioneer Square earlier this month, according to a police report.

The victim was walking to the bus tunnel at 3rd Ave. and James St. just before 9:00 pm on January 6 when a man walked up behind him. The man told the victim to hand over his cash and grabbed for the victim's chain wallet. "After he was stabbed," the report says, the victim "was a lot more willing to part with his wallet."

The victim struggled with the suspect, who pulled out a six-inch "survival knife" and stabbed the victim in the shoulder, leaving a one-inch gash. "After he was stabbed," the report says, the victim "was a lot more willing to part with his wallet."

The suspect grabbed cash out of the victim's wallet and fled. The victim didn't report the incident to police until the next day.

2) South Precinct officers pepper sprayed a crowd and arrested one man after several melees broke out outside a SoDo nightclub on January 7.

Bouncers at the club on 1st Ave. S and S. Forest flagged down patrol officers after a group of 10 people started brawling in the street in the middle a crowd of about 500 to 600 people.

As officers tried to break up the crowd by flashing their patrol car lights, another large fight broke out on the street.

After officers pepper sprayed the second group to end the melee, they found a man—who was "lying at an unnatural angle" with an obvious broken leg, the report says—down on the ground.

Bouncers pointed out a suspect in the attack, and police arrested the 21-year-old man down the street after he got into another fight. The report says the man was on parole for robbery.

As we reported yesterday, the city has a "watch list" of nightclubs that have had problems with large brawls and shootings. It doesn't appear the January 7 incident occurred at one of the clubs on the list.

3) Earlier this week, a man called police after a cabbie pulled a gun on him as he was driving to work.

The man was driving near 1st Ave. and Republican around 11:00 pm on January 9 when a cab driver—who was talking on his cellphone—drifted into the victim's lane.

When the cabbie and the man stopped at a traffic light on Harrison St, the cab driver rolled down his window and the men exchanged words. The cab driver then reached under his car seat, pulled out a black handgun and pointed it at the victim.

The victim sped through a red light to get away from the cab driver, and wasn't able to get the cab's number.

4) Police arrested some genius who decided it was a great idea to wander around Capitol Hill last night popping off shots to test out his gun.

According to SPD, just after 11:00 last night, the man was walking around near 12th Ave. E. an E. Mercer "indiscriminately" and "randomly firing his handgun" at the ground, in the air, and at several buildings. He reloaded his .38 caliber handgun at least once during the shooting spree. Somehow, he managed not to hit anything, police say.

When officers arrested the man, he told them "he wanted to see if the gun still worked."
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