Lack of Disclosure at Seattle Times

By Afternoon Jolt January 17, 2012


On January 16, the Seattle Times published a letter critical of the the proposed Seattle plastic bag ban submitted by one “Ken Holmes” of Seattle, which makes charges of “false claims” and “misleading information.”

The local newspaper of record neglected to mention, however, that “Ken Holmes” is not just a concerned Seattle citizen. He is in fact the Marketing Director for American Plastic Manufacturing in South Seattle and therefore has a bit of interest at stake in this debate.

This bit of news, reported on the Fat-Tailed Sheep, is all the more stunning when you realize that the Seattle Times actually quoted Holmes in a story about the citywide bag ban just last month. In that story, Holmes called the ban a "feel-good" measure that would only eliminate a small portion of the city's waste.

Editorial department, meet news. News, meet editorial.
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