Watkins at last night's debate

Unlike the national level, where the GOP candidates are tearing each other to shreds with Newt Gingrich doing Barack Obama's job for him by waging class war on Mitt Romney, Washington State Republicans are following their once-sacred 11th Commandment (thou shalt not run against another Republican.)

James Watkins, the mild-mannered and lone GOP candidate who showed up to last night's Seattle Metropolitan Democratic Club debate, (and made a surprisingly good showing), is dropping out and endorsing the lead Republican in the race, Snohomish County Council Member and social conservative John Koster, PubliCola has learned.

Watkins, a business consultant and flat-tax supporter, had raised $53,000 with $37,000 on hand.

Koster, who ran and lost a nailbiter in 2010 against US Rep. Rick Larsen (D-WA, 2), has been redistricted into the newly drawn 1st, now only has one nominal GOP challenger. Koster has raised $157,000 with $106,000 on hand.
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