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Our Most-Commented Posts of 2011

By Erica C. Barnett December 28, 2011

Comment counts don't directly correspond to news value or the importance of a given post  (see, for example, one of Josh's earnestly reported, zero-comments stories on this year's $5.2 billion state budget shortfall ). But the lively, thoughtful comment threads are one pleasure about PubliCola that make the long hours totally worth it.

So, in honor of Cola readers, here are the 11 stories—ranging from 245 comments to 128—that had you most riled up in 2011.

1. February 2, 2011: Morning Fizz recaps the PubliCola-sponsored debate about the so-called "War on Cars."

2. April 12, 2011: Should Seattle go it alone on funding light rail? Mayor Mike McGinn and King County Council member Julia Patterson take up the debate in another PubliCola ThinkTank.

3. December 12, 2011: We report on an amendment by council member Nick Licata that could scuttle a redevelopment proposal around the Roosevelt light rail station.

4. December 13, 2011: Roger Valdez on why taller buildings will be good for the Roosevelt neighborhood. 

5. December 9, 2011: A new report concludes that it's harder than ever to find affordable housing in Seattle.

6. October 17, 2011: Should cities have the right to lower speed limits to 20mph? I argue "yes."

7. August 16, 2011: Sandeep Kaushik offers his thoughts on why the anti-tunnel campaign lost.

8. April 6, 2011: Why it's a good thing that light rail is becoming more like the parallel Route 7 bus.

9. November 15, 2011: Morning Fizz  reports on Occupy Seattle.

10. April 26, 2011: King County Executive Dow Constantine comes out for the deep-bore tunnel, says surface/transit proponents want to force people to "abandon their cars."

11. May 4, 2011: I talk about my experience being mugged near my home in Southeast Seattle.
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