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Let's Not Drag This Out Any Longer Than We Have To

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee December 13, 2011

So somehow a win against the second-worst team in the NFL suddenly turn into this:

In the hunt? What what what?

Sure, it's possible that with a legitimately solid defense, you can get away with having a shitty quarterback (like Tarvaris) as long as you have a solid run game (see: 49ers and Ravens), but let's not drag this thing out any longer than we have to, kay?

Mathematically, the Hawks could technically end up in the playoffs—football is dumb that way—but do they deserve to be?

Remember, this is still the team that started off the season getting thumped by the 49ers before they were shut out by the Steelers, fell to the Falcons (who were straight up bad at the start of the season), and got blown out by the Bengals, Cowboys, Redskins, etc.

Also, let's not forget the sheer embarrassing awfulness of that 6-3 LOSS TO THE CLEVELAND BROWNS.

I like this team. I like this team's chances to be a legit contender next year (once Tarvaris is safely back on the bench), but the currently 6-7 Seahawks are not Super Bowl bound.

Two teams have made it to the Super Bowl with 9-7 records in the last 30 years (the 1979 LA Rams and the 2008 Cardinals). They both lost.

Enough with the Hawks playoff jibberjabber already.
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