1. So, Josh's friend at the bar, the one who wanted us to ask Gov. Chris Gregoire "When did you become a Republican?", sent a text after he read our Gregoire Q&A and saw her response.

You know, if I was a Seattle Democrat I’d be frustrated too. You know why? I am [frustrated]. I am. You’ve got to come sit in my shoes and see the struggle it is with this budget. It is mind-boggling. We’ve already cut $10.5 billion, only to be told by the people in the state of Washington, no to two-and-a-half cents on a can of pop. No to two and a half cents on a can of pop! Okay.

But to your friend, I would say you know, sit in my shoes. We’re in a unique time in history. We’re not like when I was in college and out talking about the war. We’re unique. We’re cynical, we’re afraid, we’re unwilling to put money on the table. If you looked at the most recent data, we’re paying less in taxes per $1,000 than we have in 50 years. If I go out and tell the public that, they will say I am absolutely not telling the truth. If you ask the public, when was the last time we raised the sales tax, they’ll say to you it was yesterday, and that was on top of having done it the day before … and the day  before that. And if I say, no, it was 1983, they will say you’re lying to me.

And here's the text Josh's friend sent. Yes, this all came scrolling in as a text:
Her statement that if she told the public the truth about taxes they'd call her a liar is frustrating. Who cares? What's the point of being in your last term if you can't be honest with people?

That's her problem. She's governing like she's running for a third term.

I don't doubt that she's frustrated, but she should be fighting against what makes her frustrated, not trying to work within the perimeters of that frustration.

And another thing! That whole line about it not being like in college with the war...people ARE protesting against a war. It's called the Occupy Movement, and it's unfocused and can be silly, but it's fueled by the same anger. And the enemy is the groups and forces Gregoire refuses to stand up against.

End rant.

Dec. 20, 2011 5:27 PM

2. The SPD are evidently pulling out their trump card to defend themselves against the DOJ: We stop domestic violence. Jonah's got the scoop.

3. As we begin to wrap up the year, it's time to start assessing 2011's winners and losers. One who comes to mind right away is Howard Schultz.

Schultz has tried to foster a non-partisan dialogue with full-page ads in the national press, nationwide conference calls, and a boycott on political donations from CEOs.[pullquote]The enemy is the groups Gregoire refuses to stand up against.[/pullquote]


Hostile partisanship continues (we got the latest headline news yesterday about the true believer house Republicans killing the Senate's bipartisan deal on the tax holiday) and big money contributions rolling in unabated.
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