As an elected Democratic official, State Rep. Deb Eddy (D-48) was the most prominent Democrat who, along with numersou advocates for progressive causes, was surprised to find her name listed under a paid Facebook ad for Republican gubernatorial candidate and current state attorney general Rob McKenna ("Deb Eddy Likes Rob McKenna") in a way that implied she supported the GOP candidate.

Eddy signed up to "like" McKenna's Facebook page to keep tabs on his candidacy.

As we reported in today's Fizz, McKenna campaign spokesman Randy Pepple told PubliCola the campaign isn’t targeting specific users, adding that if Facebook users don’t support McKenna, “They shouldn’t have liked [his page], I guess.”

Contacted this morning, Eddy laughed at the dustup, comparing her seeming support for McKenna to writing on the bathroom wall in junior high. "It's new media --- we haven't figured out the rules yet," Eddy says. "What makes me want to laugh is that somebody would think it's important that Deb Eddy likes Rob McKenna."

Eddy says she'll "just have to go and like" McKenna's opponent, US Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA, 1) too. "What am I supposed to say, I don't like Rob McKenna?" she says, exasperated. "Should I go unlike his page?"

Eddy is not the only unwitting McKenna "supporter."

Others who've "liked" McKenna's campaign page include progressive consultant Anne Martens, lefty Seattle Port Commissioner Rob Holland, and Associated Students of the UW spokesman Andrew Lewis, who ran lefty Seattle City Council member Nick Licata's most recent reelection campaign.

McKenna has just over 16,000 Facebook "likes"; Inslee has just over 11,000.
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