Phoenix Jones, Bank Rage, and Occupy

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee November 28, 2011


Today in Fuzz: Phoenix Jones chases Belltown stabbing suspect; bank rage; and robbery suspect flees into Occupy camp.

1) Seattle's famous masked crusader Phoenix Jones helped police track down a stabbing suspect in Belltown over the weekend.

According to a police report, Jones and several other self-styled superheroes were near 3rd Ave. and Blanchard St. around 3:45 am Sunday morning when they witnessed a stabbing.

The armed suspect took off running, and Jones and his crew chased after the man, following him to 7th Ave. and Blanchard St. where the suspect hopped in a cab. A video of the incident shows Jones and his team surrounding the cab just before police arrived and arrested the suspect at gunpoint.

Court records indicate the 40-year-old suspect has a long rap sheet going back at least two decades, including arrests for assault, theft, property destruction and drug crimes.

According to the report, the victim—who sustained a two-inch stab wound to his back following the attack—initially gave police a fake name because he was wanted on a Department of Corrections warrant for a drug violation. He was taken to Harborview for treatment.

Last week, City Attorney Pete Holmes announced he would not file misdemeanor assault charges against Jones for an October incident, in which Jones pepper sprayed a group of men and women in Pioneer Square.

In a statement, Holmes said there were evidentiary problems with the case against Jones, but noted he believes Jones is  "a deeply misguided individual."

2) Bank rage is in full effect in Seattle. According to police,  someone shattered windows and ATM screens at a north Seattle bank and spray painted the words "Revenge for Occupy Oakland" on a bank wall, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage early Saturday morning.

It appears vandals also hit a Bank of America on Rainier Ave. S. and S. Edmunds early Monday morning, shattering several of the bank's windows.

This is at least the second time in a month vandals have targeted the south Seattle bank. A little more than a month ago, vandals covered several of the bank's walls with red paint.

3) A man robbed at knifepoint on Broadway early Sunday morning told police the man who stole his iPhone fled into the Occupy Seattle camp on Seattle Central Community College's campus.

Last week—after receiving complaints from students and Capitol Hill businesses about crime and conditions at the camp at Seattle Central Community College—the Seattle Community Colleges board unanimously voted in favor of an emergency camping ban, effectively evicting Occupy Seattle from SCCC.

The board hasn't said when Occupy will be kicked out, but some Occupiers are already moving their protest to Olympia.
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