Survive Your So-Called Social Media Life

By Allie Oosta November 23, 2011 Published in the December 2011 issue of Seattle Met

Photos: Courtesy Flickr

YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE REVEALS what you like, who you know, and whether or not, two glasses in, you behave like Charlie Sheen. University of Washington digital media professor Kathy Gill believes you can tailor your online experience so that social media doesn’t lead to social suicide.

  1. Ask yourself, “Would I want this to show up in The New York Times?” A poorly planned status update is often a miscalculation of the audience. Remember, if it’s juicy, someone could blab it, tweet it, or fire you because of it.
  2. Less is more. Instead of being funny, sexy, or entertaining—keep it simple. Reserve your swimsuit modeling sessions and dirty jokes for in-person interactions.
  3. Choose who sees your wall and photos, and customize your tagging settings. Review posts and photos before they show up on your profile so that “Hey those five keg stands were crazy, man” never sees the light of day.
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