Well ain't that some shit.


Remember when I said the Seahawks had an "outside chance" at winning Sunday's game? Because "logic has no place in football" and "Seahawks > Cardinals + Seahawks > Jaguars ÷ Jaguars > Ravens = Seahawks > Ravens"?

I'd like to lay claim to some sort of clairvoyant powers or something, but the truth is I was just dusted to the eyeballs on cold medicine.

Nevertheless, I was right, and the Hawks played a helluva game, beating the Ravens with a barrage of field goals and a huge helping of Beast Mode—who had something like 140 total yards against a usually pretty damned good Baltimore d.

The defense pretty much shut down the Ravens' passing game—I know this because Anquan Boldin got me a whopping two fantasy points—as well as Ray Rice who, for some reason, only had five carries.

I'm still concerned about the Hawks' inability to actually score touchdowns, and the crazy number of injuries from sustained during the game, but I'm really looking forward to seeing if the Hawks can maintain any sort of momentum over the next four games from this hamburgers-eating-people win.

Next week, we get the Rams, then the Redskins, the Eagles (on a Thursday night for some reason), and the Rams again. None of those teams have looked good, or at least consistent, this season. But then again, neither have the Hawks.
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