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Food Safety News: Denver Voters Reject Paid Sick Leave

By Erica C. Barnett November 4, 2011

Food Safety News reports that "by a lopsided margin" of 64-36 percent, voters in Denver, CO rejected an ordinance that would require private employers in the city to provide paid sick leave to their workers.

The measure, whose supporters argued that child care and food service workers, in particular, shouldn't have to come in to work sick, would have mandated up to nine paid sick days a year for employers with more than 10 employees, and five days a year for employers with 10 workers or fewer.

Although the conservative Washington Policy Center is calling the a harbinger for Seattle's own paid sick leave law, passed by the city council in September, the Denver measure came with one key difference: The city's mayor actively campaigned against it, calling it a job-killing measure that would add unnecessary expense to the city's budget.

The Campaign for a Healthy Denver, which sponsored the measure, estimated that 108,000 Denver employees do not have paid sick leave.
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