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Dan Snyder's Pact With the Devil Is Strong

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee November 28, 2011

So the Seahawks lost a game they should've won. Whoopdeedoo. (Representative quote from non-football-fan Josh: "They lost to the Redskins? The Redskins suck! Everybody knows that!")

It's not surprising, really, but it is disappointing after a cock-tease of a win over Baltimore, and the convincing second half of last week's game against the Rams.

This week's lowlights: On defense, Brandon Browner continues to be a penalty machine. On offense, Tarvaris holds the ball too damned long and ends up getting whirly-birded to the turf too damn much.

I'm running out of ways to say the Seahawks are terrible this year but, big picture, this entire NFL season's a disaster. A bunch of less-than-deserving teams are probably going to back into the playoffs because of the crazy number of quarterback injuries this year (the Bears, Texans, Colts, Raiders, Chiefs and Eagles have all had a QB go down for the long term).

This week, you'll only have to wait three more days for your next fill of Seahawks-induced misery. The Hawks play the Eagles Thursday night. Thankfully, will not conflict with my enjoyment of this (maybe final) season of Community.
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