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Cain Has Been the Favorite of Washington State Rs All Along

By Josh Feit November 14, 2011

Given the merry-go-round frontrunner status of the Republican presidential hopefuls—from Romney last spring to Bachmann over the summer to Perry in the fall to Cain most recently to—I'm not kidding—Newt Gingrich today, it's worth looking back at the first Washington State Republican Party straw poll taken back on May 6. (At the time, a CNN poll had Ron Paul doing the best in the GOP field against President Obama, but still losing 52 to 45. Huckabee was down by eight, Romney by 11, Gingrich by 17, Palin by 19, and Trump by 22.)

I remember being a bit startled at the local results (as in: Who?)  when the more than 350 attendees at the state Republican's fancy spring fundraiser gala voted on the pack of hopefuls and the name Herman Cain beat out the only people I'd heard of.

Evidently, Washington's GOP voters were on to something (check out yesterday's NYT Magazine piece on the the popular Cain, where they ask: "Why, with this candidate, do the laws of physics seem not to apply?")

After the results were announced, state Republican Party Chair Kirby Wilbur said:
The close results demonstrate that the Republican Party does not have a clear frontrunner. Herman Cain has been doing an excellent job getting his name out among Republican voters and his style appeals to many people. As the process moves forward and more individuals enter the race, it will be interesting to see how the perception of the various candidates changes.

I'll say.
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