Although local-election watchers, including the Seattle Times and PubliCola, more or less declared Seattle School Board incumbent Peter Maier the victor in his race against challenger Sharon Peaslee in the face of an initial 4.24-vote margin (yesterday, in fact, we declared ousted board president Steve Sundquist the board's lone "loser"), the latest election results show that Maier could be in trouble.

In the most recent vote drop, Maier had 45.89 percent to challenger Peaslee's 53,86 percent, narrowing the gap between Peaslee and Maier to 1.66 percent, or 1,947 votes. If Peaslee continues to do as well in the remaining vote counts this week, it's conceivable that she could defeat Maier, joining challenger Marty McLaren as one of the school board's new members.

The latest election results come at 4:30 today.

Meanwhile, Seattle City Council challenger Bobby Forch continued to do well among last-minute voters. In contrast to his election-night results (Forch had 45.98 percent to incumbent Jean Godden's 53.61 percent), the last two vote drops had Forch at 53.24 percent to Godden's 46.49 percent among 19,109 votes counted Thursday and Monday (Friday was a county holiday).

That near-reversal of Forch's and Godden's numbers still leaves Forch at a decided disadvantage, though, because only about 70,000 votes remain uncounted. (King County Elections said today that they expect higher turnout in Seattle, around 53 percent, than King County). If the remaining ballots continue to give Forch a growing advantage, he could narrowly defeat Godden; however, if his percentage slips in upcoming counts, Godden will have the advantage.
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